Welcome to Asheten Eco Trekking

We aim to bring you into contact with the natural beauty of abuneyosef massif an exotic setting with unique wildlife and breath-taking views on a landscape shaped by nature and traditional agriculture.

Asheten Eco Trekking is established to open up, great experience for tourists and aims to help improve the lives of the local communities in the highlands Lalibela through providing work opportunities financed by tourists visiting this remarkable place.

Day Tour

A Day trek - trek to asheton mariam monastery church believed to have been the first work of king lalibela which you will see a panoramic view of mountains and look over lalibela town the view is stunning here then return to lalibela.

Tour Schedule:
7:30 – after having breakfast we start the trek it will take us we will not be in hurry 4 hrs total we will return at 11:30 and have your lunch.